Malibu Remodeling Tips for Optimal Water Conservation

LA drought tolerant landscape

If you live in Malibu and watch the news, you undoubtedly keep hearing about the drought in Los Angeles. As we don’t get a lot of rainfall, our water reserves are becoming more and more scarce. Obviously, the less water we will have, the more we will be forced to pay for it on our…

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Five Malibu Edible Garden Design Ideas

garden design ideas in malibu

Have you ever heard the expression, “living off the land?” While it’s easy to go to the supermarket and buy fruit and vegetables, there is nothing more convenient than picking greens from your own backyard. If you reside in a house, and have a front of backyard, why not plant edibles that you and your…

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Santa Monica Koi Pond Design and Installation

koi pond installation in Malibu

Do you want to add a unique water feature to your Santa Monica landscape design? Busch Design Build, Inc. specializes in adding green elements to your backyard that will make your space look and feel more appealing. A koi pond is an excellent choice for your Santa Monica backyard remodel. As the name suggests, a…

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Santa Monica Water Feature Design Ideas

If you live in Santa Monica, and want to spruce up your backyard, why not install a water feature? A Santa Monica water feature is an easy way to bring some tranquility into your outdoor space, and enhance your relaxation when you spend time outside alone or with friends and family. A water feature will…

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Malibu Native Plant Design

Are you looking to create a beautiful Malibu landscape in your home? If you need advice on creating a green and eco-friendly garden that will look appealing, as well, Busch Design Build, Inc. will provide you with Malibu native plant design ideas. In our other blog about green landscape design, we recommended picking plants that…

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Green Landscape Design – Malibu Green Remodeling

entry garden

The Benefits of a Green Landscape Design Going green doesn’t have to be a challenge, especially if you know how to turn your landscape into an outdoor space that is eco friendly and visually appealing. This article from your local Malibu green remodeling firm will discuss the basics of creating a Los Angeles green landscape…

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Simple Ways to Make Your Landscape Eco-Friendly From Your Los Angeles Landscape Architect

Tips to Achieve an Eco-Friendly Landscape If you would like to make your an eco-friendly landscape, but aren’t quite sure as to how you can achieve this, then read this article from your local Los Angeles landscape architect. Below we’ve provided a few simple examples of how you can transform your outdoor living space into…

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Hiring a Los Angeles Sustainable Landscape Design Firm

You may have landed upon this page because you are searching for ways to be more eco-friendly or are trying to go green, but might know how to begin. There may even be some of you who are specifically looking for a Los Angeles sustainable landscape design firm and would like to know more about…

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The Advantages of a Los Angeles Green Home and Landscape

The term green is being used quite often as of late. In fact, it’s likely that a vast majority of us hear that particular word on a weekly (if not daily) basis, but may not know just how we can create a green living space. So, we thought that we’d use this article to provide…

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Malibu Eco-Conscious Design and Planning

Malibu Eco-Conscious Design and Planning Benefits You probably came across this particular article because you are looking for eco friendly design ideas for your home or office. If so, then you are in luck. Our Malibu eco-conscious design firm would like to take this opportunity to provide you with some helpful ways to incorporate eco…

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