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A Malibu-based green architectural design firm, specializing in green remodeling, chemical sensitivity construction, and pH building…

At Busch Design Build, the belief is firmly held that the best design is inspired by individuality and tempered by function … tradition punctuated with the unexpected.

Busch Design Build, is a Malibu, California based global design firm that has built an unrivaled reputation in design and construction over the course of the past two decades. Its founder and president, Douglas Busch, has brought together some of the best and most diverse design talents from around the world to serve only the most demanding of global clients.

busch-design-studioWhat sets us apart…

The Architects at Busch Design Build believe that design is a cyclical process which incorporates elements of site, plan, form, and use into a stylistically coherent whole. Through analysis of the site, climate, and light; Busch Design conceptualizes the two-dimensional layout, factoring in the existing topography, the surrounding area and neighborhood, light, views, wind patterns and the intrinsic energy of the area.

We strive to set up a dynamic tension (privacy vs. exposure, light vs. shadow, interior space vs. exterior space, etc), merging design and construction with spatial relationships.

The key is to create spaces of tranquility…green organic sanctuaries, relaxed and inspiring, elegant in their simplicity, and lofty yet grounded environmentally friendly spaces.

In the transition from a two-dimensional plan to a three-dimensional structure, particular emphasis is placed on flow, circulation, and volumes of the space. These elements of design are less scientific and based more upon the feeling of being within the structure.

Our architectural niche…

Busch Design Build is a licensed, bonded, and insured full service architectural design firm. We offer architectural services to residences & commercial properties throughout Southern California, and are proud to provide Los Angeles Green Remodeling, Chemical Sensitivity Construction, and pH building design services to Southern California.

Please take a moment to peruse our site to find out how Busch Design Build can help you to create the space that you would like to achieve, and to view a portfolio that includes examples of our past work.

The topography, the light, the views, the wind patterns, the energy. Enveloped within these elements of the site are those of form and plan: Site analysis directs the plan of the building, form redirects the layout, layout redirects the site analysis and the process continues until the structure is complete.

A house is not just where you live. It is a reflection of the individual that requires unique treatment based on functional needs and aesthetic desires.

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